Warning: Bad habits before sleeping that cause many to be left almost blinded!


The modern era has a lot of new kinds of technology to offer us. These electronics are sure to give us a plentiful and enjoyable leisure time, comfort and ease of use for daily processes.

Gadgets and modern day technologies just make our lives easier and seem to be more fun. That’s why some of us even bring it to our sleep, our phones.

There are a lot of phones out there today. There are still the classic keypad style of phones where you have to click a certain number for a few times to get the letter you desire, but most of the phones out in the market are the cellular phones that have huge screens and sizes that are sometimes even bigger than our own hands.

The whole screen is your touch-pad and viewing screen which gives us the unique experience. Children and adults alike can now have access to cellular phones, it doesn’t matter what age, you will definitely see someone a few blocks away that is busy looking at their phone.

But this habit that a lot of us had developed, has actually taken its toll on us little by little. A lot of reported cases have been documented with at least 10 children and 20 adults that had suffered from blindness.

When we use our smartphones at night, both our eyes look at it yet each eye has a different way of settling to the dim setting of your room at night time. This confuses he brain and makes it wonder why one eye is subjected to its “daytime” setting while one eye is functioning properly. This causes an improper stimuli to the light causing permanent damage.

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