This 8 plants will help you protect your home from mosquitoes in a natural way. Must try!


Who does not want and love sitting outside, just chilling out and enjoying the hot summer vacation until it becomes cold summer nights?

Nevertheless, mosquitoes and other kinds of insects will not leave you because of the nature and the temperature that keeps them alive and more active. Some people cover themselves from head to toe which makes them uncomfortable leaving them no option but to suffer.

Fortunately, there is a natural way in order to get rid of these irritating insects. Plant a hardly any of these pants or flowers in your yard and watch these annoying mosquitoes slowly disappear.

Moreover, these plants look fashionable and beautiful. It is also good for landscaping and works as a mosquito repellent. You should check these eight plants that will surely help you in keeping your garden or backyard a free of mosquito area.


This plant blooms with pretty purple flower that gives an adorable look on your backyard. Its fragrant smell is very nice for your surroundings thus discourage mosquitoes, fleas and even flies.


Garlic plant is another way for optimal protection from mosquito insects. You can also grow garlic in herb pots and place them around your favorite outdoor place.

Lemon Balm

It is known as a green plant that contains a smell of a bit combination of lemon and mint. This green foliage not only get rids or mosquitoes but also attracts good insects such as bees and butterflies. It particularly regards drought resistance or easier maintenance, but it can also fill up large space due to its invasive size, so always look for this plant to keep it healthy.


Peppermint smells very well and minty. This kind of scent is not familiar among crawly-family insects and ants. Nonetheless, mosquitoes steer it clear.


There is a research that has been made regarding marigold plants, which indicates the oils in this flower can actually provide a couple of hours of protection from mosquitoes. Other bugs also stay away from this plant such as squash bugs, Mexican bean beetles and even tomato hornworms.


The scent of rosemary has the ability to keep both flies and moths away. You can actually use the herb as a decoration or border then trim off a bit for a specific seasoning of some dish. Rosemary has been suggested by the New York Botanical Garden due to its ability to block the passage of mosquito trough your home.


This is an herb that is commonly used in culinary; it contains potent smelling herbs that can actually offer a dual function as a mosquito repellant. For more effective plantation of this kind of herb, it is needed to give a good supply of water on a daily basis, good drainage and even visible are of sunlight.


This desirable flower has good contributor in providing a lively and colorful garden thus extremely fashionable when it is included in landscaping. It smells like a lemon that possibly more similar to citronella. This flower is more beneficial in warm weather temperature.

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