These bed bugs can harm your lungs and back: Learn how to naturally and quickly destroy them!


Numerous people have a tendency to make up their bed just after getting up. Nevertheless, according to experts, this habit contains a negative effect on your entire health. By making your bed, you are trapping millions of dust mites between the sheets that will eventually continue living and may multiply that will harm your health. These mites can be fed through dead skin cells and sweat and they are linked with asthma and various allergies.

Lazy people were right to leave the bed unmade until later, according to newest discoveries. This exposes the mites to light, as well as fresh air that will gradually dehydrates and eventually removes them. We sweat a lot during the night which leads up to a liter of fluid that creates the ideal environment for the dust mites.

There are about 1.5 million bed mites per bed. These microscopic insects are not actually the problem here, but what they leave behind your bed is. The excretion of these mites can lead in your airways that may result to asthma and even allergies.

Carolyn Forte, the director of the cleaning laboratory at the Good Housekeeping Institute have explained that leaving the bed unmade will also allow both of the sheets and pillow to dry from all of the sweat that has been excreted overnight. In order to keep your bed free of mites and also to preserve your entire health, Forte have advised to wash the sheets and pillow cases for at least 2 weeks after use.

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