These are the suprising health benefits of wrapping your feet in cabbage


Swollen foot appears when excessive amount of fluid has been produced to the tissues of both legs and feet. Too many fluids are caused by some disease, which affects the entire body such as heart disease, kidney or liver failure. Swelling of the feet may also happen due to pregnancy, injury and a long period of standing.

When you are suffering from swelling of feet along with other health issues just like fever, high blood pressure and change in color it a sign of a serious health problem. If this happens, you have to immediately consult your doctor. However, if it is just a swollen foot, we have here natural and effective remedies that have the ability to assist you in removing its swell.

Here is the list of the natural remedies that you can actually use:

Use of Cabbage

Put a green or white cabbage in the fridge and let it cool. When it is already chilled and supple, get it and wrap them around your swollen feet. Raise your feet and leave it for at least half an hour. According to Let How, the cabbage can actually help you in taking out the excess amount of fluids that causes its swelling. Eventually, you feel a relief.

Epsom Salt Soaking

Take a few cups of Epsom salt and pour it to a bathtub or a basin that is full of water. Douse your feet in it and leave it for at least 15 to 20 minutes. The Epsom salt is works best in improving the circulation of the blood, and also in removing the swelling. Moreover, it has the ability to remove the bad odor and aids in making the dry skin smooth.

Baking Powder Paste

All you need is these two simple ingredients that can be seen in your kitchen or pantry, rice and at least 2 tablespoons of baking powder. Boil the rice and put it in the baking powder. After boiling, let the mixture cool and place the produced pastry on your swollen foot.

Tonic Water Soak

Tonic water has been known as a natural inflammatory due to its content of quinine. Dousing your feet in tonic water either cold or warm is one of the best solutions in order to cure your swelling feet. The foamy carbonation of water has a good effect that can actually produce relief to your swollen foot.

Proper Consumption of Water

Consuming at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day has the ability to assist in keeping your body healthy. You have to maintain the right amount of water to your body in order to preserve its own water and avoid the swelling of the feet. Consuming water can actually help your in getting rid of the chemicals in your body, as well as stopping the swelling due to dehydration. As a result, drinking water is the easiest way in solving your issue of swelling feet.

Eucalyptus Foot Bath

Place several drops of Eucalyptus to a foot bath and douse your feet in it for at least 15 to 20 minutes, for best results, add some anti-inflammatory oil such as chamomile and lavender. These oil contains essential properties, as well as soothing aromas of eucalyptus that is really effective in decreasing the swelling and relieving the pain. Your feet will eventually feel better and relax.

Cold Compress

A lot of people have been informed that ice is extremely effective in soothing the pain and swollen part of your body. Simply put an ice to a towel and cover your feet with it. Continue on doing this until the pain and swelling subside.

Magnesium Supplements

If you are suffering from magnesium deficiency, then you may experience blood circulation issues. Magnesium is an important mineral in the body in order to keep a good blood circulation. Poor blood circulation may lead to swollen foot. Just take a supplement that is loaded with magnesium in 200 mg for at least twice a day or you can also consume foods that are packed with magnesium just like nuts, seeds, fish, as well as avocados and dark leafy greens.

So if you are suffering from swollen feet, just pick one of the above mentioned solutions that you think is effective. You can also use some kind of remedies to the other swollen part of your body.

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