These are the medicinal benefits of Bogambilya that most of us do not know


There is a powerful plant which is known as Bougainvillea, in other countries, it is usually called as Santa Rita, Veranera and Trinitaria.

These names has been given to them according to the region that they belong to, but in the end, it’s just the same plant and there are a lot of people who doesn’t know this kind of plant, which they normally use in order to decorate their homes that has the ability to save their lives.

Bougainvillea is a beautiful plant of the climbing or an entanglement kind that usually grows on any soil because it adapts to all types of climate and this can actually grow in extremely high temperature depending on its variety that can also reach in 12 meters in height.

The trademark of these beautiful and amazing flowers is about their bright and striking colors, which makes them standout above any other flowers or plants.

On the other hand, both in central and the south of Mexico have used bougainvillea and its benefits have demonstrated positive effects on the body of people.

We will be showing you the health benefits of using bougainvillea, as well as its medicinal properties. It cannot only be used as a design for your gardens but it can also be used in transforming your entire body.


  1. Expectorant

It can actually help in getting rid of the mucus from the upper respiratory tract such as larynx, pharynx and bronchi.

  1. Antipyretic (Decreases fever)

The antipyretic effect that bougainvillea contains has the ability to work in an instant.

  1. Improves the respiratory system

It can actually aid to the proper functioning of the lungs and their ability to oxygenate the entire body.

  1. It assist in balancing the digestive system

In this situation, it’s not the flower but the roots and the leaves that take the center stage. The roots of bougainvillea contains a laxative effect, on the other hand, it leaves can lead to constipation. Depending on the condition, you can actually one of the options.

  1. Promotes skin care

Bougainvillea has been known for its antiseptic properties, particularly on the skin, so it has the ability to assist in fighting against acne, infections and desquamation.

If you are suffering from acne or a peeling skin that usually has bacteria, then bougainvillea will help you with its antiseptic effect that will cleanse away the bacteria that causes those rashes. Moreover, it will aid you in controlling the toxicity of the skin by cleansing it in depth.

  1. Fasten healing

In order to achieve this, it is only necessary to douse the wound in a cold infusion of bougainvillea flowers.

  1. Purge

For those people who want to detoxify their body of toxic materials, then bougainvillea can actually help you with that because it has the ability to cleanse you inside, as well as making your organs, which includes liver, work a lot better after detoxification.


Slice the fresh flowers directly from the plant and rinse them a lot of cold water in order to eliminate its impurities. Boil a saucepan with water and when it is already boiling, put inside the flowers.

Remove it from the fire when the water changes its color to a huge that resembles the hue of bougainvillea flowers that are being used, leave it for a few minutes in order to cool down before straining the liquid mixture. It is recommended to add a spoonful of honey to the infusion.

Always put in your mind that this infusion should be consumed very hot.

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