These are the 7 amazing home remedies to help us fight flu


Having a physically healthy body is hard to achieve these days. People are getting lazier to care enough for their own health and most of them are not even aware and interested about the things that can actually do in order to help themselves with this kind of matter.

Health is wealth, how will you be able to live a happy life, lacking nothing and having more than what you need, however, you are suffering from a chronic disease? How will you be able to live a life like that?

Due to the cold season, a lot of people are getting sick. Most of them are suffering from flu and people who are experiencing it are unexpectedly increasing as time goes by. People are getting weaker and weaker not only in school but also to those in work and even at home.

Wherever you go, people are coughing, sneezing, having some teary eyes, their faces looks red and they usually blow off their noses. During cold seasons, sicknesses can be easily passed from one person to another without even having a direct physical contact with them.

For instance, when you are about to go to a shopping mall, the cart that was used by a person who is suffering from flu can easily pass it on to you by holding the cart after a sneeze or a cough and when it is your turn to you use it, the part that he held on which you will probably hold on too is the answer for having flu, as well. That is the reason why people should have to be extra careful everything that you will about to do in order to prevent this kind of situations.

Making yourself healthy is not an easy task but doing it is a fulfilling thing. As a matter of fact, you are doing this for your own gain and not of others. Therefore, you should not hesitate in making yourself healthier than any other people in this world.

You cannot stay on this kind of life by not doing an extra mile for yourself, which is why starting today, we will be helping you by giving 7 tips in order to quickly get rid of flu if you ever catch one during this season, as well as to regain your strength and maintain a healthy life and lifestyle.

Here are the 7 tips you need to do if you have flu:

  • Hydrate

The flu affects everything in your body, including your nose, your eyes, and the way you move and speak; in short, it makes your really weak. Whether it is a type of flu, which makes you run to the bathroom or even makes you cough really hard, then you to maintain your body well hydrated.

Staying hydrated is the only key in any kind of sickness. Moreover, if you are throwing up or suffering from diarrhea, WebMD have advised to consume sports drinks in order to interchange electrolytes. Or else, you can also sip some tea, soda or water and it is definitely a must to do so. Even if you are not suffering from any kind of sickness, you have to maintain a well hydrated body in order to avoid them.

  • Sip Soup

Aside of staying hydrated; feeding your body is essential, as well. It gives you the strength to face the entire day because of the weakness that goes along with the flu. A clear, broth soup is also advised by WebMD to be consumed by those people who are having a hard time with flu. Chicken noodle soup has been known as one of the best soups because it contains a lot of vegetables that the body requires; moreover, it is a lot easier to prepare this kind of soup, too.

  • Inhale Steam

All you need to do is to keep the mucous inside of you flowing. Medical News Today has suggested inhaling steam because it is one of the best ways to do so. You can actually use vaporizer, or you can also steam up your entire bathroom and hold a cup of tea while inhaling the vapors you have prepared. Do this in order to become finally free from mucous.

  • Rest

Because your body is doing its best to fight against the entire virus that you are suffering from, it makes you weaker and that is the reason why you need a lot of rest. Free yourself from stress from either work or school. Rest does not actually mean that all you need to do is to sleep all day long, but being in a couch potato during the entire day is completely fine. The Mayo Clinic have even suggested to get some sleep whenever your body wants is an effective way of having some rest.

  • Suck

When you are about to fight a sore throat as a result of flu, all you need to do is to suck. WebMD have emphasized that sucking on anything, like your thumb for an instance; will actually help you in easing the sore throat. The first choice should be cough drops or any throat lozenges, but hard candy will also work in a pinch.

  • Sweeten

WebMD have suggested using buckwheat honey in order to help in overpowering cough that was caused by flu. Consuming a spoon that was full of buckwheat honey will also aid in relieving a sore throat. You can also create and prepare a honey and lemon tea from a tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of honey and another ½ cup of hot water. Consume this regularly to help yourself.

  • Gargle

Gargling with salt water has been the usual thing for a lot of people for centuries now and it has been proven to help with a sore throat, too. Medical News Today have advised to use at least 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water, or you can also get creative by trying to combine lemon juice with honey and warm water and use it for gargling. Try any of these choices to soothe your itchy throat.

The flu does not have to keep you down. You can actually do something in order for your body to fight back by being wise and ready in how you will be able to take a good care of yourself and by simply giving it the nutrients and health that it needs in order to win the war against sicknesses. Having a good strategy is needed, do it before you lose it. It’s now or never. Share this to your family and friends too!

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