These are the 10 things women secretly want in bed but doesn’t tell you


Since time immemorial women have been taught how to behave. Society have given women mixed signals expecting them to be independent and empowered while being virginal at the same time.

However, as women get older, they slowly realize that these dictates of the society alienate them from what their body truly wants in a natural sense. Despite sexual intercourse being normal and part of human nature, society have deprived this sort of right from women just because.

Despite the things they want you to do, they’ll never ask so you might as well figure out now and later start openly communicating with her.

1. Stop being Predictable
Are your sexy times planned out? Is it scheduled on Fridays and Sundays? That needs to be fixed. Stop being predictable and try to be more spontaneous and out of the blue with your sexy time. Surprise her every once in a while.

2. Be More Sensuous
This may sound too cliche, but this definitely works. Pamper her with sweet things, put petals on the room up to the bed, bring some wine and seductive kissing. Try to be more sensuous even when kissing her.

3. Rough S*x
Women may have been taught to act primitive but they love hard and rough s*x. Spank her, pull on her hair or even bite, be dominant and drive her senses crazy. Just remember to have a “safe” word in case you might be making her feel uncomfortable.

4. Role play
Allow the inner actor in you to come out every once in a while to play and perform in the bedroom.

5. Early sexy time
Women tend to be at their horniest state at night. However, mornings work too. Try by bringing her breakfast or waking her up with kisses or a massage. You’ll never expect how she can quickly turn into a morning person.

6. Open communication
S*x is great but it could get better once you start convincing her that she could be open to you about what she wants. Start trying by sending her sexy texts and convincing her to speak up.

7. Slow down
You’re not in a hurry are you? Try to explore her, savor the moment, look into her eyes, do more kissing. Do not rush the intercourse.

8. Oral
She may never admit it but she loves oral s*x, you just need to figure out by working your way slowly. Start by kissing her from the neck down or if not ask her.

9. Do the work, undress her
Slowly undress her, be more sensual and try not to rush this. Do the work and undress her.

10. Try doing it outside the bedroom
Again, try to be more adventurous, make her feel like it isn’t only perfect in bed. Other places work too. Try it in the shower, the car, the work desk, anywhere. Make her feel that she’s always wanted.

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