The 7 surprising health benefits of eating “Talaba” we should know


When we get tired of eating meat or chicken, one alternative that people resort to is eating seafood. There are different kinds of fish that we can eat, there’s also crabs and lobsters and shrimps that although a bit expensive, are worth ever cent because of their delicious taste. Another popular seafood that is the favorite of many is oyster. Its hard shell hides its meat that people want to eat so bad. But oyster isn’t just a treat for the mouth, it’s also very beneficial for our health. Do you know that it is filled with zinc, vitamins, and other minerals? Indeed, oysters are a true gift of nature with a lot of benefits for the people.

Aside from the above mentioned nutrients, oysters are also rich in zinc, a very powerful nutrient that regulates the health of our different body systems like the central nervous system and the immune system. Once  person has a zinc deficiency then expect to have a not-so-good performance of your body systems. This is already great enough, but what makes oyster very appealing especially to men is because oyster is  known to be a great aphrodisiac. This is also because of zinc and together with Vitamin C, oyster can boost a man’s libido.

Its is true that when it comes to health benefits, oyster has a lot to offer. Hence, we list down six (6) importance of this seafood to the health of people. Get ready to be amaze because what we have mentioned is only a prologue, the climax is yet to come. We won’t be making you wait too long, let’s start listing things down.

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  1. Helps to avoid Anemia. For women, they lose blood whenever their period comes. This is why most of the people who has anemia are women. If you want to void having this deficiency then you better eat oyster when it’s your time of the month. We all know that seafood like oyster is very rich in iron which, when your body lacks it, can cause anemia. Iron deficiency anemia can bring a lot of inconvenience like passing out, dizziness, and fatigue or extreme tiredness so it’s better to just avoid it we can.
  2. Heart-friendly Oyster. Fats aren’t all bad for the body, there are fats that even our heart needs to be healthy. This fat called polyunsaturated fatty acids is present in oyster, which makes it a very heart-friendly food. Aside from that, this seafood also has amino acids lysine, which is boosts the production of carnitine. With these, the cholesterol level of a person is being regulated, thus preventing different cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Immunity boost. Another great quality of zinc is that it is also an antioxidant, the primary fighter of our body against infections and diseases. Together with PUFA or polyunsaturated fatty acid, zinc can boost your immune system and guards you from inflammation and other mild conditions like common colds.
  4. Provides Vitamin B. The group of B Vitamins is very vital for the good functioning of the brain and the nervous system. With Vitamins B6 and B12, we are able to release the energy from food and store them in our body. There is no question with the importance of B Vitamins, the question is where to get them aside from supplements prescribed by doctors. One of the answers is oyster. This seafood is filled with Vitamins B2 and B3 that can support your regular diet.
  5. Lose that weight. Oyster is also very rich in protein. When consumed, a person may feel full in a faster rate, thus preventing excessive eating that can cause weight gain. Aside from that, protein rich foods also helps in the metabolism process and adds to muscle mass. That is why this is very helpful for people who wants to lose weight. Moreover, protein also handles tissue repair and creates enzymes that boost the production of hemoglobin and Red Blood Cells, which is the oxygen content of the blood.
  6. C for Calcium. Among the many different nutritional content of oysters, Calcium is one of them. Calcium is very important for the a person as it keeps the bones and teeth strong and healthy. With little amount of calcium present in the body, deficiency may occur and so as the weakening of our bones and teeth where 99% of our body’s calcium are stored. Hence, do not compromise you health and have the right amount of calcium, eating oysters will help you do so.

Calcium is a very special content of an oyster. While the other nutrients that this seafood offers are found from its meat, you can find its calcium contents in its shell. Yes, the hard shell of an oyster contains calcium. Researches have found out that oyster shell supplements are much better to be consumed when treating osteoporosis instead of other calcium carbonate supplements. You’ll only need one (1) tablet of oyster shell supplement and you’re good for the day.

So now, what are ways to eat oysters? First, you can try eating it raw especially when it’s fresh from the sea. However, that is not always possible. But don’t worry because there are other ways to eat it. In fact in the Chinese Cuisine, they have dried oysters. Other people tend to smoke this sea food at home or just buy smoked oysters in stores. However, smoked oysters that are bought is not that healthy anymore because oil is used to preserve them. Same goes with canned oysters that is high in sodium content, which was used to make them last longer. Honestly, be it dried, smoked, or canned, nothing beats the health benefits of raw oyster. So if you have access to it, just stick to the best way of eating it raw.

However, when eating raw oyster, you must be very sure that it is clean and safe to eat. What’s saddening is that because of water pollution, life underwater is being contaminated and the oysters cannot escape shellfish poisoning. Aside from pollutants like lead, oysters can also be a home for different bacteria that can cause harm to person’s health when consumed. If after eating raw oyster you suddenly feel nauseous and you experience diarrhea and stomach cramps, sad to say but the oyster you just ate has norovirus in it.

Since eating raw oyster is the best way to benefit from all its nutrition, people want to eat it so much. But since there is also a serious threat concerning eating it in such a way, we will be giving out tips on how to avoid eating contaminated oysters.

  • First, make sure that the oysters you buy have their shells completely closed. Don’t buy the open ones, even if they’re just slightly opened.
  • On the other hand, throw away the ones that won’t open when you cook them.
  • To make sure that the oysters are clean and no bacteria is living in it, boil them first for at least five (5) minutes.
  • Avoid cross-contamination by separating the cooked oysters from the raw ones.

Although it’s sad how human error tampered on what’s supposed to be a gift of nature, we can still save it and bring it back to its old glory. We just need to be extra careful on picking the oysters we buy, use precautions to make sure they are not contaminated, and also to take care of our environment with the hope of having clean seas and oceans once again.

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