The 6 warning signs your body gives you before a heart attack


2. Cold Sweats or Excessive Sweating And Dizziness

Sweating more than you usually do or having cold sweat are also some of the early warning signs of a heart attack. Women are more often affected by this symptom which they can usually get confused with night sweats or typical of hot flashes.  Both are typically linked to being menopausal. It could also possibly occur at any time of the day or night.

Dizziness and cold sweats take place when poor circulation causes reduced blood supply to the brain.In order to function efficiently, the brain needs a healthy supply of oxygen. This occurrence can easily make you feel clammy,

The usual description of this is clammy skin, flu-like symptoms, regardless of air temperature or physical exertion, sweating occurs. Excessive sweating happens frequently at night; finding one’s bedsheet damp in the morning due to so much sweating. The areas which you have to look out for are your head, chest, back, hands and feet.

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