The 6 warning signs your body gives you before a heart attack


1. Introduction:

Our unhealthy, modern lifestyle, stress, inflammation, and the ever-increasing consumption of junk foods could cost our health gravely. in fact, the rate of people who suffer from heart conditions is increasing steadily.

This situation is indeed alarming, so it is important to be aware of the symptoms of heart issues and find the exact timing when your heart sends you signals that something is about to turn bad.

That might be the only way for you to be able to take necessary precautions that can effectively save your life. There’s no denying that the initial step to dodge heart attacks is to start full on living a healthier life.

Eating nutritious foods, working out regularly, getting enough rest and a good quality of sleep and finding methods to bust your everyday stressors are some of the things you’ll need to observe. Here, we listed some of the warnings your body gives you before a heart attack.

Chest Pressure

A feeling of some kind of pressure build up in your chest may start as the condition of your heart and your arteries get worse. While the pain and pressure become more aggravating the pain may spread to your arms, back, and shoulders.

This is an extremely serious warning sign which means you are very close to suffering from a heart attack. Its common descriptions are pain that started from the chest expanding to an uncomfortable feeling in one or both arms (more often the left one), the lower jaw, neck, shoulders, or stomach.

It may have a permanent or temporary trait. The moment you feel the pressure building up in your chest, along with the other symptoms, you should rush to see your doctor. The sooner you get medical aid, the greater are your chances of survival.


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