Secrets To Sustainable Weight Loss That Diets Don’t Give You


The first thing most people who want to lose weight do is to start following a diet plan. While that’s a good start, even the best of us cannot remain motivated all the time. You have your highs and lows and eventually, you’re back where you started. Sustainable weight loss requires more than just sticking to your diet. Here are 4 secrets you need to succeed in your weight loss journey.

1. Sneak Exercise Into Your Day


Let’s face it. Most people take yearly memberships at the time and use it for no more than a few months. Time, energy, and motivation are in limited supply which makes it difficult to carve out time just for exercise. Instead, try to make the most of the time you have and the things you anyway need to do. Ride a bike to work, take the stairs if your office floor is not too high, walk to the grocery store that’s a few blocks away. Get your work done while staying as active as you can.

2. Set Goals You Can Achieve


Goals are good. They help you chart out a plan and make a schedule to stick to those plans. However, don’t set impossible goals like losing 15 lbs in a month. Start small and give yourself achievable goals. When you’re able to meet your goals, it gets you more motivated because you begin to associate feelings of accomplishment and success with working out. Whether it’s 10 minutes of cardio a day, 100 squats, or five sun salutations, keep them small and work towards achieving them before you set your eyes on the big prize.

3. Rethink Your Relationship With Food


You just cannot lose weight without getting your diet right. But there are so many different diets out there and so many differing views on which diet is good and which one is bad. The truth is that there is no perfect diet. You need to start educating yourself on what your body needs to function at its optimal level and experience the benefits that come along with that.

The idea is to include more healthy foods without being too restrictive. The more restrictive you become, the more the chances of that diet working against you. Making certain things forbidden only makes them more appealing. If you create a sustainable healthy eating plan, you’ll reveal the body you’ve always wanted before you know it.

So use your innate wisdom to make healthy food choices that you know are good for you. If you know something is definitely bad but you want it badly, have it but don’t go overboard. Eat foods that make you feel light and energetic rather than sleepy and lethargic. It’s as simple as that.

4. Get Into A Support Group


Isn’t it great to have a group of people who have the same interests as you? Whether it’s knitting, trekking, or losing weight, you’ll be able to sustain your efforts better if you connect with other people going through the same process. You realize that you’re not alone on your journey and there are other people who’re also facing similar challenges. You can share tips and tricks and celebrate each other’s victories. Studies show that working with others, having a partner, and knowing you are not alone in your journey is a very important role in success. So find yourself a partner in your friends’ group, in your local community, or be part of a support group online.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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