Scientist revealed the most powerful remedy, 4 tbsp a day can fight/prevent cancer


No matter how much we take care of ourselves, we have to accept the fact that diseases are something we have to expect, they are without doubt part of us being mortal humans. We do not have any much of a say. to be honest,whether we want it or not, it can’t be predicted.

There are many factors we cannot control in our surroundings and in our bodies. However, we should not lose hope because there is possible cure for most health issues in our modern time. Even cancer which is considered to be the most dangerous and incurable disease has already been discovered and proven to be feasibly cured. Nothing is almost impossible with our advanced researchers now.

A Russian doctor, named Hristo Mermerski from Botevo, Bulgaria, became immensely popular for his outstanding knowledge and discovery of the homemade remedy for cancer. Who would have believed that there will come a day when this becomes possible. Moreover his claims on how natural and convenient the cure is for us.

In his lectures he described it “It’s a food that treats the entire body, and the cancer in such an organism simply disappears”,

He claimed that there is indeed a possibility and actual high chances to cure cancer in an easy and natural way. The ingredients are in fact, within the surroundings or might be available in the house. It can also help the body maintain or increase the healthy lifestyle.

Here are the different benefits in using this kind of remedy:

  • Defeats (almost all types of) cancer
  • Cleanses the kidney and liver
  • Sharpens the memory
  • Cleans the blood vessels
  • Cure and heal the heart and avoids having heart attack
  • Strengthens the immune system

Here’s the recipe for making this remedy:

  • 12 garlic cloves
  • 14 oz. of fresh walnuts
  • 15 fresh, with a shiny crust BIO lemons
  • 35 oz. of organic honey
  • 4 oz. of sprouted grains


Prepare the sprouted grains prior to deciding to make this remedy, Place the green wheat in a bowl of lukewarm water and leave it there for the entire night.

The next morning or at least 10 hours later, strain the mixture and rinse the wheat with water and once again, you need to leave it in a bowl for 24 hours for the grain to have enough time to sprout. When the grain has already sprouted, voila, you can start mixing the concoction,

Make sure to clean the garlic cloves and combine it with the sprouted grains and walnuts in a blender. Add all the five lemons first by squeezing its juices into the mixture and mix it once more. Squeeze the ten remaining lemons and mix it again togther with the other mixture. Afterwards, put in the  honey and contain the mixture in a jar.For safety, consider how long you will need to keep it first.You must remind yourself that it needs to be stored in the fridge for a good three-day span.

When the three days have passed, start taking the remedy. Consume at least one to two tablespoons every day or same amount every two hours, especially for cancer treatment.

Professor Mermerski claims that this remedy can tremendously help improve the organ function and help live a healthier, better quality of life while destroying the cancer cells.It also assures to have a promising ability to  a longer lifespan, it can preserve the body from aging rapidly and gives much more energy and vigor relating to youthfulness

If you might be curious as to how the remedy functions, here’s a breakdown of how it can affect a person’s body. The remedy is effective due to the components and nutrients that each of the ingredients contains. Not to mention the medicinal properties it has. The remedy contains protein, carbs,  and bioactive substances that the body requires for it to be able to function well or properly. Dr. Mermerski also states, “Cancer cannot survive in a fully healthy and well-nourished body.”

In addition to all of these, the Professor also recommends eating two apples every day to prevent cancer.

Cancer patients are looking at a more positive future now. It is possible that it can really be treated and avoided, so if you know someone or you yourself got diagnosed with cancer, it is not yet too late. As long as you learn ways to take care of your body and do not give up yet, you still have a fighting chance.

This might be a revolutionary form of treatment and many might still be skeptic about it but the Professor believed that he studied all these ingredients closely to make sure that they provide all the nutrients necessary fo fight against cancer. If you look each of them up, they are all natural and therefore would not cause any damage to your body. In short, there is no harm in trying.

If you still have concerns regarding it’s dosage for your certain condition and if it diminishes the mercury in one’s body or for some testimonies you can visit the professor’s Facebook page:

Here is also some background information about him:

Prof. Hristo Mermerski was born in 1934 in the village of Botevo, Vratsa. He graduated from the Agricultural Academy in 1962. His first Ph.D. degree was defended in Moscow. He has specialized in the University of Illinois, the USA in 1980. He has worked as Deputy General Director of AgroPromcomplekt.

He was Deputy Minister of Agriculture and adviser on Biological Sciences, Technology, and Agriculture at the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington. He has lived in the United States for 10 years and has taught at American universities, in Europe, Sudan, and Ethiopia. There have been several books on healthy eating, curative foods, folk medicine, and health.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this ingredient, We hope that you do not give up yet if you are struggling with cancer. Even though the times may present itself to be difficult, there’s always something positive that you can look forward to. Do not pass up on the chance to live a healthier, fully- lived life. Life is a blessing we should cherish and enjoy without utmost ability. Stay strong and keep positive! We are always rooting for your wellness.

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