Know the meanings of the colored marking in your toothpaste


Brushing and flossing could make a huge difference on your dental health. Your teeth are highly associated with your health as well. Notice how after your tooth gets extracted, you will feel fever?

It is because your body detects that something was gone although it was present for a very long time. They see it as something unusual and in addition, the open wound that lets the foreign antigens inside.

This sets your immune system into frenzy, facilitating inflammation, fever and increased blood pressure. It is amazing how something like that could occur as a natural response of the body for some changes. But all of the natural immune response aside, there are actually a lot of factors that we choose to ignore.

Of course, in relation to teeth, we use toothpastes to clean it. But what do we really do when we set ourselves up in the grocery store? We just pick up what says “toothpaste” and “mint” and then we go. We rush that much.

But have you ever notice the color patch at the end of your toothpaste tube? Apparently, it stands for something and it can be very important especially to those who are highly health conscious. Pick up your toothpaste tube now and match it.

Green Colored Patch:
It means that every ingredient inside of it is natural. No chemicals, medicine or any additive at all. Just processed natural ingredients turned into a paste. This is what most would like to look for.

Blue Colored Patch:
Natural ingredients mixed with medicine. There are some gum problems that can be and needed to be treated with special toothpaste. This is one of them so make sure to look for this patch when trying to find a remedy for your gums.

Red Colored Patch:
A red colored patch means that it is natural ingredients mixed with chemicals. These chemicals usually are for extra strength of the product, giving you a more intense, minty feeling when you brush. However, these chemicals give an idiosyncratic reaction (reactions that you do not really feel) so they are practically safe.

Black Colored Patch:
Means that it is all chemicals. This kind of toothpaste is synthetically made. Surprisingly, most of the toothpastes in the market are red or black patched. Keep this in mind!

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