If a man doesn’t want to be with you, don’t force him to stay


We all want to have a stable relationship. Sometimes, luck is not on our side and we do not get the “perfect” guy of our imagination.

Well, there is a why reason it is called ‘imagination’. Everyone who sees perfection sooner or later gets disappointed, the same happens to all of those women who believe that their man is perfect enough and would never needed a break from an endless cycle of life that they have been following for so many years.

Men and woman have different interests, Men are diverse compared to woman. Sometimes women cannot understand them. There are times when men need a break from all of the noise around them all the time. They may want to leave all their loved ones momentarily or even it’s for forever. It may sound irrational but one can only understand it if they are in the similar situation.

Women are more emotionally frail if you compared to men. The emotional stability within a man is the proof that sometimes he needs to escape the emotional drama that surrounds him all the time. Men are adventurous by nature and they will always want changes.

Sometimes, when a man asks for a break from his woman, the woman would likely believe that he has just become sick of her and he just wants to leave. Well, that may be the case sometimes but if it is the case then it would be better to let your man go, than force him to stay.

At this point, forcing does not mean that you are not a fun person to be around, but this will only mean that you just might not be the right person for that specific man. Maybe you thought that you both are compatible in the beginning and maybe he thought the same but there is a big possibility that the compatibility lasted only for a few months and then it disappeared.

The two of you might not be happy or it could be just one of you is happy and content while the other one is just not happy. In such a case, one would either want an escape or one would want to find the politest way possible to leave all everything behind. If your man asks you for a break then you do not have to jump to conclusions, all you have to do is think that he needs it and you should give it to him.

After your man leaves and you have realized that he was meant to go and you both are not meant to be, what you should be worried about the most is how to keep yourself stable emotionally, physically and socially. Some women might lock themselves out in a room and not want to come out, they might even get depressed, and there are a few others who would just believe that their life has ended. You cannot do that, for the reason that escape is a luxury not everybody can afford. You have to be realistic and face the realities every day, you have to make your life stable.

There are a few tips that you should follow in order to survive after the traumatic experience that you have had. This is the least you can do for yourself because you are the only one who can take care of you, no one else would do it for you.

1. Make yourself believe that this happened for the best and soon, time will prove it

We may believe that whatever that has happened to us right now may be the major catastrophe of our existence. But no one knows about the plans that the Universe has made for us, they may even be better than our very own imagination and they may be helpful for us in the long run. We all know that the universe has a lot in store for us.

The current situation may be emotionally torturous, but what comes ahead is strength and a betterment. Not everybody can realize it but for those who do they actually end up living a really happy life.

2. Meditate or do other relaxing exercises

Meditation is the best way to relax yourself from all the sadness that surrounds you. This also will help you realize that you are far above all of those things that’s been happening around you. It will make you stay connected with your soul and makes you realize that you have a bigger purpose in life than all of those distractions.

There are several ways to meditate and the most effective one is doing yoga. Yoga will help circulate blood all around your body, it also helps you in having good body posture, good muscles as well as a happy mood.

If you plan on meditation after a miserable event in your life such as your partner leaves you, then go for it because it will not just make you emotionally better but it will physically help you with many things as well.

3. Start doing the things that you love to do, alone

You can also keep yourself busy with the activities that you like. These activities can be anything from shopping, painting, reading books, watching movies to even eating food. It depends on what you like to do the most, whatever activity keeps you distracted for a long time is the best one to choose at this point.

4. Go out with friends and laugh it all out

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Spend time with your loved ones and laugh. Which is why we believe that if you go out with your friends and laugh it all out, you will feel better emotionally. Do not let yourself cry too much as a little bit of crying is okay because that is how release is done, but do not let yourself get depressed.

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