Health benefits of drinking the liquid of boiled lemons in the morning


It is extremely essential to know how to begin your day so that you can actually live a quality life. Consuming warm lemon water every morning has recently become a well-known trend. However, it still doesn’t “squeeze” all of the potentials that the lemon has to provide.

Consuming warm lemon water doesn’t let you utilize all the amazing nutrients that are included in its pulp and peel. Boiling the whole lemon without squeezing it is not actually good because only the juice will be able to help you in getting all the nutrients. The effects of this amazing elixir that we are giving today will increase the potent benefits of the lemon water essentially.


  • 6 pieces of lemons
  • 20 oz. of water
  • Honey


Cut the 6 pieces of lemons in half and add them to the 20oz. of water in a pot. Then boil the water for at least 3 minutes. Leave the pot in order to cool down for a couple of minutes. Get rid of the lemons and the pulp from the water. Sip the hot lemon water in a tea cup. Add the rest of the warm lemon water in a glass of bottle for later consumption.

NOTE: For an improved taste, you can also add honey into the tea cup.


  • Enhances your immune system
  • Defends you from colds
  • Provides you an amazing boost of energy
  • Assists your digestion and controls your metabolism
  • Cleanses you from numerous toxins
  • Help in balancing your pH levels
  • Clears your skin in order to look beautiful
  • Makes your breath fresh
  • Aids you in the process of weight loss
  • Improves your mood and avoids depression
  • Hydrates your lymph system
  • Promotes healing

This cup of wellness will actually assist you in starting your day hydrated, healthy, beautiful and happy which is filled with positive energy in order to show the world who you really are. This recipe is really simple and amazing. You don’t have to reheat the water every morning. You can also consume it cold as an ice tea. The nutrients are all inside, but you have to make sure that it is not too cold. If you prefer it warm, put a dosage of it in a coffeepot and heat for a short period of time.

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