Eating Raw Foods Will Make You Live Long – Expert Said.


While many people believe that eggs are high in cholesterol and red wine is good for the heart, Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco eats 6 eggs a day and skips the glass of wine.

An advocate of natural healing, the doctor is also against any form of cooking, whether it be roasting, boiling or baking.

"When you cook the food, you kill the food. Try this: plant raw camote (sweet potato) in your garden. In 2 weeks, life will be coming out. Now you plant a boiled camote: it will rot in the soil. It's a dead body, it has no enzymes, no vitamins, no minerals," Dy-Liacco said in an interview at ANC's Headstart.

He continued, "Do you think the cooking takes out the pesticides? It takes out the antibiotics in chicken? It doesn't. Who are the people getting the food poisoning? They are the ones eating the cooked foods."

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Dy-Liacco made the statement as several drug and food companies claim that their products are "100% natural" even if these have gone through several processes. The doctor believes that going natural is all about eating the actual food -- without the preservatives and packaging.

"Natural healing is the use of food and food supplements for healing. We don't use synthetic pharmaceutical drugs at all. If you have a headache, we don't use aspirin. What do we do? We take half a teaspoon of rock salt, 3 glasses of water and in 5 minutes, the headache is gone," he said.

For breakfast, Dy-Liacco said he usually eats a whole orange and half a papaya laced with 3 cloves of crushed garlic.

He also includes raw fruits, vegetables, and even meat in his daily meals. According to him, water is the only liquid that the body needs.

"You must be free of dehydration, because the water content of the body was made by God to be 75%. When that water level drops, the immune system drops with it," the doctor said.

He added, "When the water level drops, the body starts to produce histamine to constrict the cells and prevent them from losing water further, so you get a lot of challenges and asthma."

And his efforts to go natural all the way paid off. Dy-Liacco shared that in 2005, during an international conference on traditional medicine, he was considered as healthy as a 30-year-old man when he's already aged 74.

"In 2005, the secretary of health sent me to Korea to attend an international conference on traditional medicine... They said 'we'll test all of you then we will tell you how old you are.', By noontime, they gave us an envelope. I opened mine, and it said I was 30 years old. I was 74 at that time," the doctor recalled.

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