Don’t let strangers kiss your child because they might get this virus from them


Almost every parent in the world only wants the best for their children, they are willing to do anything for them, they are wholeheartedly ready to sacrifice everything that they have, they are willing to give all of the money that they are earning and all the love that they have for their precious and most treasured sons and daughters.

They are even willing to catch a bullet for them, they are ready to do anything or go anywhere just to be with them and to just to make sure that they are doing well and okay.  In these kinds of ways, parents incredibly show their love for their children.

Back then when their sons and daughters are still young, they tend not to do anything for themselves just to make sure that they are eating well and playing safe, they will never get their eyes off of their child just to know that they are in good hands. They are willing to lose everything but not their loved ones.

But, what if one day, an unknown person or a friend of yours suddenly put the life of your children into a great danger and risk by simply giving them a kiss because they cannot resist the cuteness of your child, in spite of the fact that they already know that they might have an “infectious virus” that could actually and be possibly transfer it to your children?

This kind of scenario actually happened recently where a concerned mother and a netizen, namely, Christina Leandra Valdez, who has shared her story on her Facebook post about the condition of her child after getting an unexpected virus from an adult who just kissed the foot of her young and innocent baby.

Warning: The pictures that we will be showing below are graphic and it might be disturbing for the eyes of other readers. Please be informed accordingly.

According to her, it all began when her child suddenly had a rash on his toe, after which it begin to sore and then everything just happened and end up being horrible. She took her child to 5 different doctors in 3 different kinds of cities in order to check and consult about the condition of her baby. Surprisingly, when the result came out, the child is said to be positive for Herpes or to be specific; the diagnosis which the doctor has given was Ostiano with Herptic Whitlow or Type 1 Herpes. All of the doctors that she had consulted about her child have said the same diagnosis and it was followed by this phrase that badly broke her heart as a mother: “there is nothing we can do about it.”

Hearing those words made her feel really bad about the condition of her child, knowing the pain that her child is suffering. However, she accepted the fact and what the doctors have said because there is nothing that they can really do for her baby at that moment. As luck would have it, their advised by saying that the condition of her son will get even worse before it actually gets better somehow lighten up her burdens and took a little piece of her despair. It actually means that her baby had to suffer pain first before he gets pretty well.

In her further research and due to curiosity on how and why did it happened, the doctor from the Children’s Hospital said to her about the possibility where the virus came from. The baby could have acquired it from a person who actually have a herpes virus and kissed him on his foot. Nevertheless, according to Christa, the assumption that her child acquired it from a kiss is not possible because she is not allowing anyone to kiss her baby in any part of his body. Her own theory was that the person who has the Herpes virus must have touched their mouth before touching the toe of her child where she explained must have been a cut to his toe which actually result for the virus to enter the body of her baby.

Her theory is possible to happen because Herpes virus has been known as an infectious and incurable disease that can actually be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. But once you have already acquired this kind of virus, it will never leave your body and it will be asleep, which means there would be times that it will not become active but able to become active on unknown situation.

She also added that because the virus does not have any cure, her son will become more vulnerable to cold sores in his mouth, as well as other disease that may come.

It is so sad and painful, especially seeing your most treasured and cared child who was feeling unwell and suffering from pain just because of the irresponsibility of other people and being lack of awareness and discipline.

In the end of her Facebook post, she wanted to show her gratitude and deep thanks to all of those people who have prayed and cared for her baby. It’s been three (3) weeks already since it happened and he is doing quite well now.

This is a warning to all of the parents out there! We should learn from what happened to her child. Please, do not let your kids to be kissed by anyone in any particular part of their body because kids are really vulnerable to sickness. This is very important because a lot of people think that this kind of issue is just a minor one not knowing how important health is, especially to those cute little children. Being informed about this kind of situation is an advantage for you. Relay and share this article to your family and friends for them to become aware, as well as to help spread awareness. Prevention is always better than a cure. Protect your child now before it’s too late.

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