How to treat joint pain and help bone regeneration which also improves your vision


How to treat joint pain was asked so many times before and this articles will teach you how to learn the basics. A lot of people have been finding online remedies for numerous diseases and illnesses. Nonetheless, this Mexican Doctor has provided several potent remedies that has the ability to assist your metabolism, cleanse your body from all of the harmful toxins, as well as boosting the function of the brain. It will also aid in improving your vision and relief from joint pain.

Note: many people already tried this and they have said that this remedy really enhanced their eyesight, hearing and memory.

You should begin first by consuming this food on a regular basis. It will assist you in improving your vision, regenerating your bones and boosting the function of your brain. Here are the foods that you should consume:

  • Rosemary

It is really amazing. It is packed with compound that has the ability to boost your brain performance. The fragrance that is has is also effective. Just put a rosemary plant in the window, or use it as an essential oil.

  • Beets

They are packed with natural nitrates that can actually improve the flow of the blood in both of the body and brain.

According to the experts, you have to eat eggs more often than the usual because its yolks contain choline that can actually assist you boosting the health of your brain.

  • Fish

Fish just like salmon, sardines and black cod are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids that are important for the proper function of the brain.

They are really effective in elevating the flow of the blood in the brain.

  • Blueberries

They are not only delicious but they are also extremely healthy. They contain a huge amount of antioxidants that can has the ability to assist you in defending your brain from any oxidative damage.

Regular intake or raw onions can help you in improving your memory.

  • Whole Grain

It is a super-food for the development of the brain due to its fiber, complex carbohydrates and omega-3 fatty acids content.

They are packed with lycopene that has the ability to protect your brain cells from damage from free radicals and it also works great for the entire health.

  • Green Tea

Consuming at least 2 to 3 cups of freshly prepared green tea on a daily basis will assist you in sharpening your memory and increasing the capacity of your brain. It elevates the electrical connectivity of the brain which increases your levels of concentration and cognitive functions.

  • Chocolate

Chocolates, especially the dark ones are really great for you. It contains potent antioxidants and caffeine, which aids in sharpening the memory, as well as increasing the concentration levels of the brain.

  • Squash

Acorn squash is filled with folic acid and Vitamin B12 that is extremely effective in defending the brain from nerve injuries.

  • Nuts

It contains a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids that helps in elevating the power of the brain. It also enhances the flow of the oxygen and important nutrients to the brain.

It is loaded with curcumin which is known to have the ability in sharpening the memory and prevents inflammation.

  • Apples

Apples have this amazing ability to improve your memory.

Note: these home remedies are extremely simple and effortless to make. You just need to follow some simple instructions. Here are the things that you need to do:


  • 125 grams of horseradish
  • 4 pieces of lemons
  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • 2 tablespoon of cinnamon
  • 2cm ginger


  1. Place the horseradish and ginger inside the blender and mix them thoroughly.
  2. Slice the unpeeled lemons and get rid of its seeds and add it into the blender.
  3. Mix them again until they become a liquid mixture.
  4. Add the honey and cinnamon and combine them completely.
  5. Always put the mixture in a glass and refrigerate it.


  • Consume a tablespoon of the mixture for at least twice a day for three consecutive weeks.

This could really help you particularly in losing some weight. Use this remedy because it is easier to create and affordable too.

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