According to psychologist people who cry a-lot have this unique trait! Must Read!


A human being is not invulnerable enough for them not to feel the pain, the hurt and all of the ache and even the joy in some circumstances where the only thing that was left to do is to cry.

On the other hand, letting all of those tears come out of your eyes is actually one of the healthies thing to do because it demonstrate strength and flexibility of a certain human being.

  1. You are be able to control and handle stress

In every situation that you are in, always keep in mind that you have to give yourself a relief from stress because of anxiety, unhappiness, and grieving as well as deep and tough relationships.

Allowing your tears to fall down from your eyes can provide a purifying tool that will help you to reduce the strong and deep thoughts because holding it in and thinking about it for a long time can contribute to a severe psychological damage.

  1. Crying out is a sign that you are not afraid about your feelings

There are different factors and different kinds of reason which gives us the vulnerability to cry and it includes loss of love ones, stress, anger, hatred, sadness, some health problems just like high blood sugar, hormonal imbalance and even materialized things like sad songs and movies.

Nevertheless, letting those tears fall makes you acceptable from the people around you and it also makes you ready to face all the fears from these feelings.

If a person pays no attention of their own feelings inside, he or she will lead to rebellion which includes alcoholism, illegal drugs intake, depression, anxiety, grief and other uncontrollable bad behaviors.

Most of the time, the person who is fragile enough to face the challenges of life are those who usually escape the feelings of other people and eventually leads to rejection.

It is crucial to give them more attention and also to make them feel that they are loved, they are strong enough and important.

  1. Crying means that you are strong enough that you don’t pay too much attention to what other people will say or think about your actions.

There are times when we are feeling so weak and hopeless where we tend to hide inside our own shells and when there are a lot of people around us, we hide our pain and sadness from a sweet smile which is not usually recognized by them. This feeling is now serious and it should not be tolerated.

Nonetheless, those people who allow their tears to fall out easily are the strong ones because they have control over their emotions. It is very unhealthy to hold your tears back and not to cry at all.

  1. Crying makes you a better person and a better friend.

An unexpected situation such as bad news, accident or challenges will give you a foundation to become a stronger person as well as building a stronger relationship with your family and friends.

You can be a shoulder that someone can cry on or you can cry on someone’s shoulder when you are feeling down. All you have to do is to cry, release all the pain and open up yourself to somebody that can understand you and will also help you.

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