According to him, these are the 26 reasons why men cheat on their wife


When we got married, I could not have been happier with my life. I had married this strong and independent woman; she was everything a man could want. The way she loved life and was always able to take her decisions made me feel so very proud of her. She had the most intense blue eyes; her gaze would often send me in a trance like state. She loved to party hard and she always knew how to get her way with me.

All my happiness went out the window when I realized, that this relationship was consuming me, my freedom, my money and my sanity. It was just a matter of time when I fell in love with one of my female friends, love/attraction I do not exactly know what to call it because I absolutely love her company! Just the other day, I decided to make a list of things that made me cheat on her, here you go!

1. She takes all the decisions and never lets me have my say, just the other day she went on and bought a makeup worth around 250 dollars instead of getting our groceries, there was nothing to eat so, after a long day of work I end up going to the grocery and buy food.
Remember, if either one of you take on a dominating role and expect to make all the major decisions in your marriage, your marriage will certainly suffer.

2. She doesn’t even cooks or clean the house; well rarely, she does make dinner though or does the laundry. I have gone over it with her thousands of times that chores are not a one-time job, but she would never listen! I am always left with all the extra work!

3. She always takes up more space in the bed and almost pushes me over the edge. It has started to get extremely annoying now, plus she snores like a pig.
The Space Hog: The only position that should make you think twice about your relationship. If one of the two of you takes up (hogs) the bed in a starfish position without thinking twice about the other, it’s not a good sign.

4. I once overheard her discussing our sex life with one of her friends, yes, I have been a little off lately but that doesn’t mean she can go about discussing our private matters with people!
Talking about your sex life with friends is a double-edged sword. … On the other hand, your sex life is usually something you have in common with a partner.

5. when she is with her family she is this whole another person, it’s like I don’t matter or exist! She is just not the same person. It’s like she has a split personality.

6. She always wears the sexiest outfits that she owns when and only when she goes out with her friends, I mean I am her husband, who does she want to show it off to?

7. She always hangs out with her male friends; whenever I make an issue out of it she snubs me off and tells me that I am a psychopath!

8. She literally never lets me hang out with any of her friends as if she is ashamed of me or something.If your partner is actually acting ashamed of you, that’s not only damaging to the relationship, but to your sense of self-worth, as well.

9. Living with her is like living with a robot, She would never talk about how she feels; everything goes great when you are out having dinner or shopping but there is no emotional intimacy between us.

10. She decided to go out of the city for a whole month, without even telling me. I wouldn’t have stopped her or anything but I have the right to know if my wife is going to be away from me for one freaking month.

11. She always makes an issue when I go through her phone, for the love of God, I don’t have trust issues but sometimes, I am just curious.
Without trust in your marriage, you are headed for an abusive relationship.

12. Just a few days before I started cheating on her, she shouted at me in front of all my friends. It was the most gut wrenching feeling ever. I didn’t feel humiliated or mortified, I felt abandoned.

13. She never lets me watch the TV when her favorite shows are on, no matter how important it might be for me, she simply refuses to hand over the remote.

14. She just doesn’t care, and she always puts her needs before mine.

15. When I do something special for her, she never notices or appreciates.

16. Could you believe she forgot my birthday?

17. She is verbally abusive; she went off at me for not getting the salad dressing of her choice.

18. She once dropped me off in the middle of the road because of an argument over wall paint. Our house was more than two miles away, I had to walk home.

19. Whenever she goes out with her friends she doesn’t pick my call up all night long, I used to get worried sick! Now I am just used to it.

20. I always wanted to be a father, she said she doesn’t want to have kids, when I asked her before the wedding she said she is considering it but now she flat out refuse.

21. She often breaks my things in fits of anger during our arguments.

22. The only time she is really into me is before sex, as soon as that’s over with she is a whole different person.

23. She never hugs me or shows affection; except occasionally, when she feels like it.

24. I feel rejected and unimportant.

25. She has driven away most of my friends because she doesn’t feel they are fitting.

26. She sometimes pushes me or scratches my arm when I don’t listen.


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