A detox that can help cleanse excess sugar, help you lose weight and boost your health


People thought that they are gaining weight because of numerous fats and a lot of carbohydrates in their daily diet but they did not notice that it was the excessive consumption of sugar that causes them the sudden gain weight.

They can actually contribute to the fast gain of weight. These days, sugar is a commodity that can be found in almost every day drinks and foods, which includes mangoes, honey, raisins, as well as banana and other fruit juices.

Sad to say that only weight gain is the only thing that might happen but if your consume excessive amounts of sugar can also lead to numerous health issues

such as headaches, fatigues, mental disorientation, yeast infection, sinus problems, sleepiness, hyperactivity and even depression, as well as cancer and diabetes.

How does sugar consumption and weight gain relate?

Sugar is very important to the human body in order to work correctly but the body only requires a part of to use as energy.

The rest of the excess sugar is being converted to fat. If you consume excessive amounts of it, it can lead to useless fat on your face, hips, thighs and even waist.

Follow these simple dietary plans in order to lessen the consumption of sugar:

First Day:

-Breakfast: scrambled or boiled eggs or one cup of oats with seeds, berries and almonds.
-Snack: One bowl of nuts.

-Lunch: Chicken breast with medium cooked beans, turnips, carrots, butternut, parsnips and beets.

-Dinner: Salmon with fried mushrooms and broccoli or broiled fish with a medium bowl of green beans.

Second Day:

-Breakfast: scrambled or boiled eggs or one cup of oats with seeds, berries and almonds.
-Snack: One bowl of nuts.

-Lunch: Tattered green or red cabbage salad that is mixed with lemon juice, salt, olive oil, carrots and slice parsley with some grilled zucchini with red and yellow peppers that has lemon, thyme and vinegar dressing.

-Dinner: A baked cod with stir-fried Bok Choy and roasted Brussels sprouts and turnips or you can also steam green vegetables cooked a bean soup.

Third Day:

-Breakfast: omelet that was made of three eggs with shrimp and salad that was made out of walnut, reddish, sautéed kale or cups of oats with almonds and berries.
-Snack: A bowl of nuts.

-Lunch: Roasted chicken that was combined with onion, black olives, and thyme or chicken thigh roasted with sage, lemon, as well as rosemary.

-Dinner: Penne pasta with brown rice and sauce that was made out of tomato, mushrooms, as well as basil or vegetable broth celery, onion, carrots, thyme, bay leaves, and garlic.

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