9 Mosquito Repellent Essential Oils You Must Try


1. Mosquito Repellent Essentail Oils

What can you do to stop a persistent mosquito from biting you? A repellent, of course. If you are worried about the chemical repellents in the market, give essential oils like sage, thyme, lemon eucalyptus, lavender, clove, patchouli, citronella, catnip, fennel, etc a try. They are best known to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Mosquitoes pose serious health problems in tropical and subtropical countries. Malaria, Japanese encephalitis, dengue, you name any deadly viral fever, there is a good chance that it is spread via mosquito bites. What can be done about the increasing menace of mosquitoes?

Chemicals like DEET have long been proven as effective in keeping these pesky bugs at bay, finding its way into pretty much all the repellents available in the market. But chemical repellents are harmful to human health, especially to the nervous system, in the long run.

Can we avoid that? The answer, perhaps, lies in using “green pesticides”. The “green pesticide” is a term collectively used for all types of nature-oriented and beneficial pest control materials that can contribute to reducing the pest population. They are safe, eco-friendly and are more compatible with the environmental components than synthetic pesticides.

One kind of green pesticide is essential oils. Essential oils are volatile, complex compounds with strong odor occurring naturally and are extracted from aromatic plants. In its natural state, essential oils play an important role in the protection of the plants as antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, insecticides and also against herbivores by reducing their appetite for such plants.

Here’s a list of mosquito repellent essential oils you can give a try.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is a hybrid species of spearmint and watermint. Having natural cooling property like other mint varieties, the essential oil of peppermint is often used to soothe aches and pains. It has a strong odor and is much sought after in repelling various bugs including mosquitoes.

In a study done to assess its efficiency in repelling three different types of mosquitoes, it was found that application of peppermint oil at 3ml/m2 of water surface area resulted in almost 100 percent mortality of all three types of mosquitoes within 24 hours.


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