9 Dangerous side-effects of too much air conditioning we should know



Since the invention of the air conditioner, people find it hard to get by without owning one, especially with the drastic heat that comes along with climate change. Surviving summer is almost impossible without the aid of air conditioning.

However, if you rely on it for long periods of time, you must be prepared for the damaging effects it can cause. These effects could be anything from annoying to potentially risky. Keep an eye out for headaches, lethargy, dehydration, and allergies. Upper respiratory problems or even spread infections like Legionnaires’ disease may be due to air-conditioned spaces.

When the temperature rises it could become truly uncomfortable and in many hot countries, airconditioning serves as a lifeline. In households with children and elderlies, they provide necessary ease throughout the hot seasons. Unfortunately, we must understand that too much use of air conditioners can pose as great threats to our health.

Here are the harmful effects we’ve listed from using too much airconditioning;


1. Lethargy

Unexplained sluggishness and laziness were found to be associated with people who have air conditioners in their houses or offices according to a research.

If your space is overly airconditioned up to the point that you are shivering, you might be one of those who experience nearly thrice as likely to complain of lethargy than if you’re in a naturally ventilated space.


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