9 Alkaline foods which cleanse toxic acid from our body



The human body has the tendency to keep a certain acidic state in order to maintain the balanced in it and to make it healthy. Nevertheless, there are some kinds of both foods and drinks that people usually consume which compromise and tip the scales of the body’s acidic levels off that healthy balance.

This eventually results to unhealthy outcomes just like inflammation, toxin build-up and even puts the immune system, as well as its organs in a weak condition. Nonetheless, there are some of studies which have shown that some foods can actually help bring back that acidic balance due to their powerful numerous amount of alkaline content.

Alkaline foods are said to have the ability to help in cleansing the system, as well as getting rid of the toxic of excess acid and even giving the body an entire regularity of functioning. Adopting an alkaline diet can actually assist in enhancing your health, decreasing inflammation, which is one of the major triggers for most of severe and serious diseases and even helping the body to battle against serious illnesses such as cancer.

As a result, we will be sharing to you 9 alkaline foods that you should be consuming or even adding to your regular diet:

1. Almonds

These superpower nuts can actually be seen on almost any list of the healthiest foods that you have to it. It is loaded with essential nutrients and even important plant-based fatty acids which are stored in their oil and they also contain a huge amount of alkaline.

Aside of being good for the health of your hair, skin and brain, almonds can also assist in elevating muscle mass, lowering the level of your cholesterol and even helping you to lose some weight.

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