7 Biggest causes of cancer that we normally use everyday. Must learn!


Cancer or also known as malignancy is a kind of condition where cells in a particular part of the body are starting to reproduce uncontrollably.

Based on a health website, there are actually 8 things that results to cancer. What is more shocking was the fact that people use some of it in their everyday lives.

Nonetheless, it is not being exposed by some pharmaceutical industry in order to earn profit from this type of disease.

Here is the list that was hidden from the public for a long period of time:

Hormones in Meat and Milk

Some of the animals from the farm are being fed with artificial hormones in order to gain more of both milk and meat. Once it has been consumed by humans, it can lead to inflammation, depression, as well as cancer.

Mammography, Dental X-ray and Airport Scanners

The deadly rays that are coming from mammography, dental x-rays, as well as airport scanners can actually lead to cancer. That is the reason that why people are being told to put a protective cover over your chest when you are undergoing x-ray.

Aluminum in Deodorants and Antiperspirant

Breast cancer happens in the upper quadrant of the body which is near the armpit, where people usually apply deodorants that are packed with aluminum.

Toxic Cosmetics

Toxic substances have the ability to effortlessly enter the bloodstream through your skin and they can actually make it as a ground in order to produce cancer cells.

Artificial Sweeteners

Aspartame that is known as the main ingredient of some artificial sweeteners is feces that came from E.coli bacteria. It can be seen in almost all kinds of chewing gum, medicines, and most of foods.

Fluoridated Water

Fluor has the ability to contaminate the water, as well as to wash away the minerals from your body which makes the immune system weak. So it is a lot better to drink spring water.

Artificial Food Coloring and Preservatives

Food from both boxes and cans contains strong preservatives that have the ability to suffocate your healthy cells and turn them into cancer cells.

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